What are concrete coatings? It’s where a professional contractor will seal off and overlay your floor with epoxy enamel. It will make the surface more durable and stronger than ever before, and it adds an extra layer of protection from heat, moisture, and chemical hazards. The term “concrete coating” is fairly broad in its meaning, but it typically refers to epoxy mixtures that you spread over the top of your concrete flooring. Once the mixture hardens, you then have a durable and protective top layer. The coatings are easy to keep clean, stain-proof, and they will reinforce your concrete.

Here is what you can expect with concrete coatings:

It’s a Multi-Step Process

One of the most common misconceptions about an epoxy finish is that all you need to do is apply the mixture onto your concrete and you’re good to go. There are several key steps to the process. Epoxy coatings require a lot of prep-work and planning before you apply the overlay. You will need to prepare the concrete surface properly, which includes paint-removal and repairing any cracks. You may also need to smoothen out any structural defects. Next, your floor will need to undergo a thorough cleaning, including the removal of trash, debris, and dust. Once the preparations are complete, you can begin layering the epoxy mixture. Depending on the kind of finish you want, a professional will apply multiple coatings.

Set Aside Some Time for Curing

The golden rule is that you should wait at least 24 hours after you install your epoxy coating before you can begin walking on it. However, if you’re applying a brand new finish to your garage flooring, then we recommend that you wait a week before you park your car inside it. If it’s cement that was recently poured, then you will need to wait a minimum of 30 days before applying an epoxy coating.

Durable Against Wear and Tear

Concrete coatings are ideal for any setting that experience a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. The epoxy establishes an incredibly protective overlay that is durable and offers greater damage-resistance. However, for your concrete coating to remain in good condition, you will need to carry out routine maintenance and cleaning procedures. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Unprotected concrete is liable to chip and crack at a quicker rate. Also, in areas that experience a lot of commercial and manufacturing activity, you will quickly notice signs of aging and deterioration. Concrete coatings, however, will go a long way in reversing the effects of extreme wear and tear. When the coatings are applied to your floor, it essentially becomes deterioration-proof. Also, the shock-absorbing properties of an epoxy coating make it the ideal choice for manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Concrete Coatings Are Affordable

Concrete coatings are comparable in price to some of the more traditional flooring methods. But when you consider the value you are receiving from it, concrete coatings are well worth the investment regardless of price. Installations also fairly simple to perform and they don’t require a labor-intensive process, which is another reason why the services are so affordable. The competitive prices and easy installation process are always major selling points for homeowners and businesses.


Epoxy coatings offer you more control over the appearance of your floor. Why settle for something mundane and dull when you can get creative with your aesthetic? Many people choose epoxy flooring for its visual enhancements. The coatings are comprised of an acrylic mixture which opens the door to a wide range of color combinations and design options. You can also arrange it to where your floor will feature unique patterns and textures that add a little more razzle-dazzle to its appearance! This will improve the ambiance and visual appeal of whichever setting you choose to install it.

Maintenance Is Effortless

Maintenance and regular cleanings just got a lot easier. Concrete coatings are ideal for large industrial environments because they will go a long way in improving your efficiency. Round-the-clock maintenance can become a major burden and divert a lot of your time and resources away from normal business operations. Wouldn’t you rather simplify the process? Epoxy coatings are non-porous, which means that dirt, dust, and liquids won’t absorb into the concrete. This makes it so that cleanings are a breeze – all you need is a mop, dustpan, broom, and non-acidic cleaner.

A Viable Solution to Remodeling

You want to decorate your home, but you want to do it in a way that’s financially feasible and won’t require any elaborate renovations. Concrete coatings are perfect because they can completely transform the look and feel of your home. They are also incredibly versatile: you can apply the coatings in your family rooms, kitchens, spare rooms, or garage. Your options are virtually limitless and you can provide any room in your home with a complete makeover!

Take the time to consider your options before rushing into anything. Many people will opt to undergo their own DIY flooring project, but this is risky because you don’t want to make any mistakes when it comes to epoxy coatings. Neglecting to prepare your floor properly before you apply the overly will come back to bite you. Leaving things in the hands of the professionals will allow you to avoid some of those costly mistakes.

Concrete coatings are a resourceful way to revitalize your floor and make it functional again. If you’re unsure about something, then feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience. One of our representatives can answer all of your questions and provide you with additional information on pricing and scheduling.

Things to Do Beforehand

You should always make sure the concrete surface is clean and dry. This means if there is any dirt, debris, or trash lying around, you should get rid of it immediately. You can sweep up your floor and you can also use a warm water and soap mixture to scrub it down. Allow your floor enough time to dry thoroughly. Any holes or cracks in your floor will also need to be patched up, and any items extending onto the floor should be taped off, such as stairs or electric boxes.

Hiring a reliable service provider matters because you want to ensure that your waterproofing project is done the right way. If you need any help, you can always give us at Anchorage Epoxy Flooring a call. One of our team members can explain the benefits of waterproofing your basement in greater detail.