Essential Commercial Waterproofing Services

Perhaps no aspect of property upkeep is as crucial as maintaining and protecting the very foundations and concrete which the structure stands upon. By waterproofing your commercial property you ensure its condition and its longevity. Starting from, literally, the ground up you can apply protective caulks, castings, and sealants to your surfaces and be protected for years.

If you own or operate any commercial property, then protecting your investment is crucial. Perhaps you know somebody who has dealt with a disastrous problem in their concrete or flooring like warping due to water damage or an infestation of mold. Avoid headaches like this entirely and learn from the mistakes of others who waited too long to have waterproofing services provided to their entire commercial property. Call us today to get the expert opinion of a trained pro as well as a free quote regarding our waterproofing services. The benefits listed below are only scratching the surface of the value you obtain when you apply waterproofing to your commercial properties surfaces and flooring.

Popular Areas For Waterproofing

There are no shortage of spaces or environments in which the protection and controlled environment provided by waterproofing is not a great benefit, however there are some areas which are the most popular or arguably the most important and crucial for waterproofing applications.

Below you can find specific benefits and values unique to the application of waterproofing to each respective area. Your commercial property is a very important investment – and you deserve to have it in pristine condition and to last for years to come. Regardless of the setting or environment, waterproofing only makes the space safer, cleaner, and less susceptible to issues down the line. Do not hesitate, read more and contact us today to chat with a trained expert in waterproofing services.

Here are some of the most popular commercial spaces for waterproofing!

Retail Spaces

  • Do you own and operate a commercial retail space? If so, you face enough challenges and expenses as it is. By waterproofing your retail space you create a protective envelope from the ground up. The wear and tear of weather and moisture are no longer included in your stresses and headaches. Waterproofing also prevents mildew, mold, and bacteria build up due to moisture being trapped in the concrete. Waterproofing prevents the moisture seeping in and being trapped and creating these problems. Due to this prevention you will maintain a clean environment free of any unwanted mold or mildew smells or odors which would drive away or even halt business and sales. By keeping a pristine and weather-proof environment you ensure that your customers are satisfied and comfortable in your retail space thanks to the waterproofing services you enlisted.


  • If you own or manage a commercial eatery or restaurant, you should know how important keeping a clean and safe environment is. Waterproofing is the best way to obtain and maintain that sort of clean environment. In a public and commercial space where you are selling food for people to ingest, you must provide the absolute best in cleanliness and in the hygiene and health of your business. If you do not weatherproof your property, you risk the build of mold and unwanted bacteria which manifests when moisture is trapped in the surfaces and ground of your commercial property. By waterproofing your restaurant or eatery, you ensure that you will maintain a clean, dry, and weather-proof space for years to come. This will prevent any build of unwanted bacteria, mildew, or mold and keep your environment in great condition for any potential customers.


  • Perhaps so one space risks more from water damage, seepage, and spillage than commercial kitchens. These fast-paced and hard-worked commercial spaces face constant intake of boiling water, oil, and chemicals and products. The floors in these spaces need to be waterproofed and secured, for both hygiene and health as well as for employee safety. Those working in these spaces often find themselves in tight corners and close quarters, with lots of edible goods surrounding them. These goods and products must be kept in clean and pristine condition since they are for human consumption. Due to the high volume of water and liquid products constantly being drained, spilled, and dispersed in kitchens the ground could wear and be soaked and maintain moisture constantly were it not waterproofed. This would surely lead to mold and mildew in no time, and even worse issues due to the food materials and cleaning materials kept in commercial kitchens. Apply waterproofing today to keep the space protected and clean.
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