Foundation Coatings

Our crew members and technicians here at Anchorage Epoxy Flooring possess all the skills and experience to provide you with professional foundation waterproofing services. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we also offer premium customer service solutions. We can successfully seal off your basement so that presence of water and moisture will no longer wreak havoc on your home’s foundation.

Sealed concrete offers many other benefits in addition to its waterproofing properties. Our installations are affordable, reliable, and the epoxy material we use also offers you an incredible amount of durability and longevity. Your basement is one of the most vulnerable areas in your home when it comes to water damage and other structural defects. However, our foundation coatings will allow you to stay ahead of the damage and protect your property.

Why Waterproofing Is Important

Epoxy flooring is your gateway to greater stability and comfort. Many of us tend to overlook the significance of waterproofing our basement, but avoiding it altogether could potentially be disastrous.

Your home is prone to water damage at all times, and when it happens, you’ll regret that you didn’t waterproof your basement. The concrete sealant that we apply to the foundation of your home will make a world of difference and greatly benefit you in the long-term.

Below are some of the reasons why foundation coatings are incredibly beneficial:

Protecting Your Family

  • The presence of moisture in your basement can cause outbreaks of mold and other harmful growths. If any of your family members have a pre-existing medical condition, then this could have a severely negative effect on their health. Epoxy waterproofing will go a long way in protecting your family and keeping them safe.

Covering Your Bases

  • With most residential properties, a leak can happen just about anywhere and at any time. This includes those hidden leaks, the source of which is often difficult for you to determine. Concrete coatings for your home’s foundation will allow you to remain a step ahead of unpredictable leaks and other plumbing issues.

Protecting Your Property

  • Water damage can spell doom for homeowners with major budgetary constraints. Unprotected concrete is extremely vulnerable to the effects of moisture and flooding. Cracks and physical defects that form in your concrete foundation can greatly jeopardize the structural integrity of your home.
Basement waterproofing is a major game-changer. Here are some additional benefits:
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And the benefits keep on coming. Here are more reasons why you should hire our foundation waterproofing services:

Improving Your Aesthetics

  • Let’s face it, your drab and ordinary-looking basement adds nothing visually to your home. Instead, you want something that attracts your attention and adds an extra layer of beauty. Our epoxy coatings will provide your home’s foundation with a sleek and polished finish that can greatly elevate the appearance of your basement. The visual appeal of your basement will also add a lot more value to your home, and you can easily recoup the money you invest in our services when you go to sell it.
  • Our epoxy coatings are also incredibly customizable in terms of the color schemes and design options that we offer.


  • Our epoxy waterproofing services are extremely popular among home because we are providing you with strength and durability. Epoxy can last for years without so much as sustaining a tiny crack. The overlay protects the concrete material underneath so that moisture and heat won’t have an effect on it. Epoxy flooring for your basement will also go a long way in protecting the overall structure of your home. The material will hold up for years, and you won’t have to reseal it for years to come.

Cost-Effective Flooring

  • Whoever said that our services will set you back financially? Not only do we offer installations at affordable and competitive prices, but waterproofing your basement represents a cost-effective approach to protecting your property. For example, severe water damage will cost a lot of money to repair, but you can avoid the expense through our epoxy coating services. The foundation of your home will not experience the normal wear and tear you would expect from exposure to excess moisture and heat. This means that you won’t have to invest in constant repair and replacement services.
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  • Our waterproofing services are the right choice for you in the long-term. Epoxy overlays are incredibly long-lasting and they won’t sustain any crack or physical defects as long as you perform regular maintenance and cleanings. Our epoxy sealant will easily double the lifespan of your basement floor and with low foot traffic, you can expect its lifespan to increase by about 20 years. Our services offer the waterproofing alternative that many homeowners have always wanted because you won’t have to repair or replace it for many years to come.

Preventing Structural Damage

  • The most logical reason to hire us is that you want to prevent any major structural damage to your home. Protecting your property is one of the best intentions you can have when it comes to waterproofing your basement. Over 60% of American homes have a moisture problem, so there’s a good chance that you will need us to seal off your concrete foundation. Severe structural damage will require you to repair or replace entire sections of your home, which can create a financial nightmare for you and your family. You absolutely want to prevent this if you can. As they in the business: when it’s damp, there’s damage.
Here are some

Pros and Cons of Foundation Coatings

Pros of Foundation Coatings

  • It will increase your home foundation’s resistance to heat, moisture, shock, and chemicals.
  • It will increase the strength, durability, and longevity of your foundation and also prevent water damage from occurring.
  • It offers a cost-effective solution for waterproofing and it’s also easy to install.
  • It will add more aesthetic appeal to your home and also increase its resale value.
  • It will ensure that no major structural damage will take place to your home.

Cons of Foundation Coatings

  • Epoxy coatings are mainly utilized in commercial and industrial settings to prevent structural defects in the flooring. These environments typically experience a lot of foot traffic so epoxy flooring makes a lot of sense. With a basement, you may not be getting the most out of the epoxy sealant.
  • You cannot install epoxy flooring without professional assistance.

Hiring a Professional

  • Although it may be tempting to try and apply a concrete sealant on your own, you should always hire a professional. This is because if you overlook anything during the installation process, then you will likely end up having to do it all over again. A professional can seal off your basement in a timely manner and without making any mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does metallic epoxy flooring last?

The lifespan of your metallic epoxy floor is based on three key factors: quality of the metallic epoxy, the preparation of concrete before installation, and the setting. Professionally installed floors in Las Vegas can last around 20 or more years in residential settings. In high traffic areas, such as a commercial or industrial setting, this flooring can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years without breaking down or staining.

How much does metallic epoxy flooring cost?

The cost for metallic epoxy coating is largely dependant on several factors. These factors can include the complexity of the design, the selected materials, and the time it takes for your specific project to be completed. The size of your project also directly affects the price. Smaller projects tend to cost more per square foot, while larger projects will cost less per square foot. On average metallic epoxy flooring ranges from $7 per square foot to $15 per square foot. Call us today for a personalized free quote.