Standard, Metallic, and Flake Epoxy Flooring

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When it comes to caring properly for your home or business, protecting yourself from the ground up is key. Concrete epoxy flooring is the best way to ensure the longevity and prime condition of your garage floors. By enlisting our highly trained team of install- professionals for epoxy flooring, you guarantee yourself top quality work as well as infinite peace of mind. You will sleep better knowing your floors condition will be preserved along with the overall value of the property.

We offer a wide range of epoxy flooring options and can meet any need there is. Whether you are seeking information on standard protective epoxy flooring, reflective metallic epoxy flooring, or even heavy duty flake epoxy flooring – we can get the job done! We are fully licensed and insured, and take great pride in providing only the best level of surface. We stand by our work and offer guarantees on all garage floor epoxy install jobs that we complete.

Epoxy Flooring Options – Standard, Metallic, and Flake

Each property, be it a personal home or place of business, comes with its own unique array of needs and concerns. In all structures though, private or professional, maintaining concrete garage flooring is absolutely essential.

Few surfaces suffer and endure such constant battering and weathering as garage floors due. Be it damage from tools and machinery, or daily wear from rugged tires, the concrete surface in your garage will not maintain if it is not protected with top of the line epoxy flooring. This powerful polymer is incredibly strong and resistant. Once you contact our trained pros to enlist their aid for install, they can help you decide which variety of epoxy garage flooring is best to suit your unique needs.

Below you will find information on the three leading varieties of epoxy garage flooring available for professional application and install

Standard Epoxy Flooring

  • Epoxy flooring provides a sleek protective layer over the whole of your concrete garage flooring. Doing so insulates, strengthens, and beautifies every square foot of the garage floor. Standard epoxy flooring coating in your garage may be just the thing you need for your private home. Protecting your garage is a great way to protect your property value as a whole. The garage flooring in your home will surely suffer damage from moving, tools, mechanics, etc. That paired with the daily weathering caused by vehicles and tires is enough to slowly erode and destroy the flooring. Contacting our trained team of professionals to apply high quality epoxy coating to your garage floor will save you potential headaches and maintain the value of your home. Further, it will provide a pleasing aesthetic for your garage and possible work spaces.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

  • If you wish to take your garage floor and concrete surface protection to the next level, metallic epoxy flooring is the top of the line solution. On top of its incredible durability and strength, it also provides tremendous aesthetic value to any space. This slip- resistant surface provides a safe work space, and maintains the condition of the floors surface. The reflective nature of metallic epoxy coating bounces light around the space, and really brightens it up. Our garages are often multi-faceted spaces which provide docking zones, workspaces, and storage. Keeping them in prime condition is a must, and metallic epoxy flooring is a great way to do so. Whether its putting the finishing touches on your home garage, or protecting your commercial space, metallic epoxy flooring will enhance your property no matter what.
flake epoxy flooring

Flake Epoxy Flooring

  • Providing both a unique design and look, as well as unmatched strength and resistance, epoxy flake flooring is the standard when it comes to any commercial and public construction or refurbishment. Enlisting the aid of our highly trained team of professionals for your epoxy flake coating installation today will set you and your space apart. The myriad of colorful small flakes in the epoxy flooring result in an array of hues and a vibrant aesthetic in your flooring. The lightly dappled grooves of this style of epoxy flooring also make it very slip resistant and an ideal and safe space for any loading or unloading, or work of any sort.
project With multiple varieties of epoxy flooring to choose from, we have something perfect for any property! Contact our experts right away for advice on what variety is best for you!
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