High Quality Waterproof Epoxy Flooring

When you enter any new space for the first time it is all but impossible to not notice the flooring and ground which you stand on. This is one of the first visual impressions that any space can give, whether it be a private residence or commercial retail space. With sleek waterproof flooring applied throughout the entirety of your property you can bring a space to life like never before. Enhance the durability and aesthetic of your property all at once, starting from the ground up.

Reliable, reflective, and low maintenance waterproof flooring is a great way to protect your space, your peace of mind, and your investment. When you rely on our trained professionals to expertly install and apply waterproof sealant on the floors of your home or business you are ensuring the longevity of the property and saving potential headaches down the road. Whether your space requires standard, flake, or metallic epoxy flooring it will benefit greatly from this service. Continue reading to learn more about the varieties of epoxy flooring as well as the myriad of benefits provided by its installation.

Varieties of Waterproof Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to flooring, each space is unique and has specific demands due its size, geography, and utility. High volume and high use areas with heavy foot traffic or actual traffic in garages or driveways for example, may be worn and weathered at a rapid rate without some form of protective sealant.

Once you consult with one of our trained professionals regarding waterproof flooring and inform us about your spaces specific usage and needs, we can help you to choose the best variety of epoxy flooring for your home or retail space. While each variety provides specific benefits, all of these services enhance the overall longevity, visual quality, and safety of any space in which they are applied.

Here are some of the most popular varieties of waterproof flooring for both residential and commercial properties alike!

Standard Epoxy Flooring

  • If you are simply looking into the application of waterproof sealant on the floors of your private home or personal place residence then standard epoxy flooring may be just what you are looking for. Durable and resilient, this standard in waterproofing will help protect your floors and foundations from messes, leaks, damages. This type of flooring is ideal if you have low volume foot traffic and standard vehicle usage in the garage. Beyond garage floors, standard epoxy flooring may be applied in the kitchen to make it a sparkling and easy to clean space. Further, standard epoxy sealant can be applied to make a safe and protected workspace or crating area where you wish to protect the floors from scuffs and messes.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

  • Shimmering and ultra reflective metallic epoxy flooring can brighten and liven a space up like almost nothing else can. Professional application of this variety of waterproof flooring not only makes your space better protected and more resilient, but it also helps to open a space up thanks to the way the light reflects and reacts to the sleek metallic flooring. This provides a very safe space for working, and it is also protective against spills and messes and renders them easier to clean and be rid of than ever before. In a matter of minutes, you can completely clean messes off of the smooth metallic flooring that once would have seeped into the ground or left permanent stains and damages. Metallic flooring is also ideal for showcasing or displaying any motorcycles or classic vehicles in a garage or showroom space. Whether perfecting your home’s garage and workspace, or upgrading the entirety of your commercial property, metallic epoxy flooring will leave you space stronger, sparkling and noticeably clean.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

  • Offering a unique aesthetic and impressive durability, flake epoxy flooring is a great way to make a space stand out and stand apart from any other. Each pattern of flake epoxy is unique, as the micro sized flakes of materials end up positioning and reflecting in unique ways in each application. Beyond this, flake epoxy comes in a great deal of varieties offering many hues and color schemes. This is a great way to decorate your home garage and protect from tire marks and damages as well as create a safe and durable personal workspace. Flake epoxy flooring is also ideal for larger commercial or industrial properties and spaces. This is resilient flooring which also hides blemishes well due to its pattern and shapes, and is super easy to clean and simple to maintain. Professional installation of flake epoxy flooring will improve any space, from private homes to retail sales floors.
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While sleek waterproof flooring can essentially improve almost any space, there are some areas that are most popular for the application of epoxy flooring.

Garage Floors

  • Our garage floors take on almost constant battering and weathering. From tire treads, to dropped power tools and spilt paint, or even simply constant foot traffic in and out – our garage floors are almost always under siege. Once messes or spills settle in they can be nearly impossible to get out of the concrete flooring. Protective and waterproof epoxy flooring makes seepage, leaks, and messes like this an issue of the past. Further, it will make the removal of things like tire tread and skid marks a simple task which can be handled in minutes as opposed to the terrible challenge it is to do so without waterproof flooring. Not only will professional installation of epoxy flooring make your garage easier to maintain, but it will make it safer for any crafting, loading, or unloading which may occur there thanks to its reflective nature and slip resistant qualities. Protect the longevity and visual quality of your garage floors for years to come.
  • While garage floors may be the first surface that comes to mind, waterproof flooring is also quite ideal for kitchen floors and retail spaces.

Kitchen Floors

  • Anyone who has had to maintain a kitchen knows it is a lot of work, and that they are home not only to messes but to potential damages and hazards as well. This is true not only for our private kitchens at home, but perhaps even more so for commercial kitchens. Kitchens are prone to spills and messes by nature, but being able to remedy these issues quickly thanks to reflective waterproof flooring is a huge benefit. Cleaning a mess and creating a safe environment once again is simpler than ever, and the floors will be stronger and more durable thanks to the coating. The ease of cleaning and upkeep will result in a noticeably clean environment, welcoming to guests and all who enter. You will not have to risk leaks and seepage from moisture or pipes thanks to waterproofing, and you can rest assured knowing your concrete flooring and foundations are safe. Ensure the aesthetic value and longevity of your kitchen floors for years to come with epoxy flooring.

Retail Spaces

  • The floors of your commercial retail space make a huge impression on guests. By ensuring they are sleek, reflective, and easy to clean you increase the overall aesthetic value and quality of any space or property. Applying waterproof floors protects you from damages and messes, as well as creates a well lit and welcoming environment for any potential guests. Aside from the benefits that applying this flooring affords any property in the way of guest experience, it also increases the conditions and safety of the space for all employees. Employees can have peace of mind knowing they are working in a well lit, noticeably clean and sanitary environment which is also slip resistant. This peace of mind will lead to more productivity and a better atmosphere overall in your professional retail space. Contact us today for professional installation of epoxy flooring in your retail space.
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Protect Your Investment

  • Our homes or commercial properties are huge responsibilities and important investments. Maintaining them properly is a great way to plan for the future and prevent stress and financial disaster. One of the best ways to maintain and protect these investments is to start from the ground up – with waterproof epoxy flooring. Applying this waterproof coating will protect your property from natural weathering and wear which take place on all surfaces. Preventing serious issues in foundation or permanent staining can help to increase the overall value of your home or property in the future. This can be very important, in the case of any possible resale or appraisals of the property at a later date. You want your investment to be worth as much as possible and to reflect the care put into it. Start the upkeep today with protective waterproof flooring.

Increase Curb Appeal

  • Whether you are attempting to make and maintain a welcoming and sparkling clean home, or to create an appealing and inviting commercial retail space epoxy flooring will surely benefit you greatly. Applying this waterproof and reflective coating helps to bring any space to life, bouncing around light and opening up a room or showroom like never before. On top of increasing the aesthetic value with its bright and reflective nature, it will also be easier to clean and thus simpler to keep looking brand new and pristine. In a world with so much similarity between different homes and competing businesses, give your property an edge and upper hand. Sleek epoxy flooring may be just the thing that makes you space or commercial property stand out from the rest of the competition.
Benefits and Risks

There are both benefits and risks associated with waterproof flooring.

The benefits associated with waterproof flooring

  • Waterproofing your floors will help to protect them for years to come ensuring their longevity and utility.
  • Your flooring will be more durable and resilient to any damages, stains, or leaks and will not be at risk to more serious issues because of this.
  • The overall curb appeal and aesthetic value of your space will be increased greatly thanks to the glistening and reflective nature of the epoxy flooring.
  • Protects your investment by preventing costs and damages down the line that could harm your finances and property.

The risks associated with waterproof flooring

  • Failing to enlist the aid of a trained professional may result in greater damages and more costs down the line.
  • Amateur installation of epoxy flooring can result in uneven or ineffective coatings which do not do their job and fail to protect a space.
  • On top of failing to protect and seal flooring, improperly applied epoxy coating can look uneven and unprofessional.
  • Failing to apply epoxy flooring and waterproofing cna leave you at risk for seepage, leaks, and damages that can otherwise be prevented with its application.

Local Professionals

  • Our team of highly trained professional installation experts are happy to answer all questions and meet the needs of any job. No space is too large or too small, and we use only the highest quality of tools and materials. Further, we offer total peace of mind by pairing all of our work with a full guarantee. We are fully licensed and bonded, and are proud to continue serving the community for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does metallic epoxy flooring last?

The lifespan of your metallic epoxy floor is based on three key factors: quality of the metallic epoxy, the preparation of concrete before installation, and the setting. Professionally installed floors in Las Vegas can last around 20 or more years in residential settings. In high traffic areas, such as a commercial or industrial setting, this flooring can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years without breaking down or staining.

How much does metallic epoxy flooring cost?

The cost for metallic epoxy coating is largely dependant on several factors. These factors can include the complexity of the design, the selected materials, and the time it takes for your specific project to be completed. The size of your project also directly affects the price. Smaller projects tend to cost more per square foot, while larger projects will cost less per square foot. On average metallic epoxy flooring ranges from $7 per square foot to $15 per square foot. Call us today for a personalized free quote.