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Proudly providing eperty service in the field of metallic epoxy flooring installation, we are ready to meet any and all needs when it comes to flooring application. Protecting your home, your business, and your investments is crucial. The foundation and literal concrete that our homes and businesses rest on is the starting point for upkeep and maintenance. The simple application, by professionals, of metallic epoxy flooring can ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your floors.

Home to more than just our vehicles, our home garages often serve as workspaces, loading zones, and storage areas. All of these utilities call for a safe and secure flooring and environment. Application of metallic epoxy flooring makes that safety and security reliable and long-term. Outside of the home, if you own or operate a commercial property or industrial complex then providing durable and polished metallic epoxy flooring in key areas can set you apart from the competition. Aesthetics aside, it also provides a safer place of commerce, as the ground is slip resistant and not susceptible to cracks and breaks in the concrete due to the powerful coating.

Where Can You Install Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

Metallic Epoxy Floor Anchorage

While the concrete of our garages, commercial or private, may come to mind first when considering locations for metallic epoxy flooring, there are actually many options.

In protecting our investments, our safety, and our peace of mind we can never be too safe. What better to strengthen and reinforce than the very ground we walk on? This sleek protective coating boasts tons of benefits and perks, and carries with it almost no continued cost or heavy duty maintenance beyond cleaning. Cleaning which, now due to the shiny and protective layer, is easier to carry out than ever before. Spills, stains, and seepage will be a worry of the past.

Below are some of the most popular places for metallic epoxy installation!

Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

Garage Flooring

  • Metallic epoxy flooring could not be more ideal for the garage. Garages are often multipurpose, and home to a great variety of tools, devices, and vehicles. Industrial lots may house enormous vehicles and machinery whose wheels and parts could damage the flooring permanently in the garage. By applying metallic epoxy flooring, and by having a trained professional help to do so, you are protecting the flooring of your garage for decades to come. Not only will the garage be safer and clearer, and will not house any cracks, breaks,or inconsistencies. The wear of our cars tires and other natural weathering can take its toll on garage floors, both physically and cosmetically. Applying metallic epoxy flooring leaves it shimmering and brightness the whole area due to its reflective nature. This enhanced brightness renders your garage workspace a safer environment as well!

Kitchen Flooring

  • The kitchen is another location ideal for the application of metallic epoxy flooring. Metallic epoxy flooring is very reflective, and leaves a space appearing brighter and more open than ever before. This use of light can also work to make a space seem wider and more welcoming. Aside from the cosmetic and visual appeal of shimmering metallic epoxy floors, they also make our lives easier. Metallic epoxy floors are easier to clean, and the kitchen is often home to a great deal of messes and spills. The protective metallic epoxy keeps a firm layer over the surface of your kitchen flooring. This prevents spills from soaking or seeping into the ground and keeps them clean long after. Cleaning the floors will be quicker and simpler than ever before. This is also ideal for industrial or commercial kitchens as well. Metallic epoxy flooring is more resilient to the scuffs, spills, and scrapes that come with operating an eatery or restaurant and will help preserve and protect your business.
Metallic Epoxy Floors Anchorage

Commercial Flooring

  • Metallic epoxy flooring is also very popular in public and commercial areas. From parking garages, to public sports arenas, this is a common practice. We highly recommend doing so for a myriad of reasons. First, the professional installation of metallic epoxy flooring will make your curb appeal go way up, increasing the general aesthetic of your business as it will be more resistant to skids and scuffs. Further, it increases the longevity of your corporate or professional structures as well and retains their value.There is no space too large or too small to apply metallic epoxy flooring. In populated venues with heavy foot traffic it is a great way to make sure the space is safe, celan, and easy to maintain.
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