Damp Proofing

Have you ever heard of “damp proofing” and want to learn more about what it entails? Well, we can help you out! Damp proofing is where we apply a coating of epoxy enamel to your home’s foundation to waterproof it and stabilize it structurally. Damp proofing is more of a modern residential construction method that enables you to seal off the concrete flooring in your basement. This is usually done to prevent any major damage to your home that would otherwise require extensive and costly repairs.

Our damp proofing solutions offer you durable and long-lasting results. We can prevent the outbreak of mold, mildew, and other harmful growths in addition to creating a safe and healthy home environment. Our crew members and contractors possess all the experience and knowledge to apply epoxy coatings in those damp areas, which will limit the negative effects of excess moisture. If damp proofing sounds like something that will benefit you, then don’t hesitate to call us!

The Benefits of Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is a sure-fire way to protect your family and reduce the damage caused by excess moisture. It keeps your home in good condition and greatly limits any potential health concerns.

If you’re unsure that damp proofing is the right choice for you, then allow us to explain the benefits in greater detail. More and more homeowners are catching on to the fact that concrete waterproofing will make a world of difference both financially and logistically. Don’t waste another moment and allow us to schedule you for service today!

Here are some of the life-changing benefits of damp proofing:

Eliminating Odors

  • Dampness and moisture will cause mold and mildew to break out in your home, which will produce an unpleasant odor that permeates your home. The mold will also quickly spread to other areas of your home, and it will become increasingly difficult to remove that nasty smell. Our epoxy coatings will limit the effects of moisture in your basement, which ensures that any unpleasant odors will never occur in the first place.


  • In addition to waterproofing your basement, you are also enhancing its appearance and creating greater visual appeal. It offers you the opportunity to decorate your home while you are also taking the necessary measures to protect it. The epoxy coatings that we install will give you the option to have your basement floor emulate other high-end materials, such as marble or travertine.

Limiting Property Damage

  • The presence of moisture in your basement can have disastrous consequences if you are not careful. Damp proofing will effectively prevent any major structural damage to your home. When water enters your concrete flooring, it will greatly weaken the material, which in turn will destabilize your home’s foundation.
Did you think that was it? Listed below are several more benefits of damp proofing:
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Here are some of the more notable benefits of Damp Proofing:


  • Epoxy waterproofing solutions are an ideal choice for many homeowners because the material offers an incredible amount of strength and durability. The epoxy overlay provides a sturdy covering for the concrete flooring in your basement, which ensures that moisture will not penetrate the material and compromise it. Epoxy also offers incredible load-bearing capabilities, so no matter how many items you are storing in your basement, the material will hold up wonderfully.
  • The concrete sealant that we use is also resistant to oil, chemicals, fire, and bleach, making the material practically indestructible.

Ease of Maintenance

  • Our foundation coatings also require minimal upkeep, which is a major selling point for many homeowners. Very little work and effort are needed on your part to sustain the effectiveness of damp proofing. What we recommend you do is occasionally sweep up dust or debris and reseal your basement periodically. The beauty of epoxy flooring is that dirt, dust, and bacteria will not adhere to the overlay which makes it much easier to clean it all up.

Limiting Health Risks

  • If there is someone in your family who has a health condition, then you will want to damp proof your basement. Growths of mold and mildew can aggravate an existing issue and even make it much more difficult for you to breathe. The last thing that you want to see is one of your beloved family members in the hospital due to something that you can easily prevent. In many cases, the symptoms aren’t life-threatening, but being exposed to poor air quality over time can lead to more significant health issues.
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  • Epoxy waterproofing offers you long-lasting results that you won’t find with most other materials. After we complete the installation, you will never have to worry about repairing or replacing it. This is a huge relief for many homeowners because constant water damage can create an unwelcome financial burden. The durable and protective qualities of epoxy go a long way in resisting the effects of moisture, heat, and chemical spills. Also, with minimal foot traffic, the average epoxy installation will last you about 20 years. The material won’t undergo any staining and it also prevents any physical defects from appearing on your floor.

A Cost-Effective Investment

  • A Cost-Effective Investment
    We always tell our clients that our concrete coatings are an affordable service that will also benefit them financially well into the future. How so? You will rarely if ever need to repair or replace the material; the durability alone is going to help you to save a lot of money. Also, waterproofing your basement takes very minimal time to complete (two days maximum) and, by preventing water damage, you are also avoiding the exorbitant costs that accompany any major structural repairs. Also, if you want to sell your home, our epoxy coatings will greatly enhance its resale value. You’ll recoup the money you spent on our services and potentially turn a profit!
Here are some of the

Pros and Cons of Damp Proofing

Pros of Damp Proofing

  • It ensures that your home’s foundation is much more durable and can withstand water damage.
  • It eliminates any defects in your basement flooring and also greatly enhances your home’s appearance.
  • It limits health risks and creates a much safer environment for your entire family.
  • It prevents any major structural issues to your home which can be extremely costly to repair.

Cons of Damp Proofing

  • Cracks can develop in the epoxy coating if you fail to perform routine maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  • With damp sealants, you want to make sure that the product is right for you. Think about how much money you are willing to spend.
  • Ventilation in a basement is scarce. We strongly recommend that you wait a couple of days after the installation to enter your basement so that it can air out.

You Can Trust a Professional

  • We understand that you may want to install your epoxy coating without professional assistance. You can save yourself a lot of money that way. However, we strongly that you hire our professional installation services. The epoxy enamel requires training and experience to apply it properly and without making any mistakes. We promise that you are in good hands with our licensed contractors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does metallic epoxy flooring last?

The lifespan of your metallic epoxy floor is based on three key factors: quality of the metallic epoxy, the preparation of concrete before installation, and the setting. Professionally installed floors in Las Vegas can last around 20 or more years in residential settings. In high traffic areas, such as a commercial or industrial setting, this flooring can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years without breaking down or staining.

How much does metallic epoxy flooring cost?

The cost for metallic epoxy coating is largely dependant on several factors. These factors can include the complexity of the design, the selected materials, and the time it takes for your specific project to be completed. The size of your project also directly affects the price. Smaller projects tend to cost more per square foot, while larger projects will cost less per square foot. On average metallic epoxy flooring ranges from $7 per square foot to $15 per square foot. Call us today for a personalized free quote.