When choosing your epoxy flooring style it can be overwhelming because of all the choices for personalization that these floors have to offer. The greatest thing about epoxy flooring is the customization that is available whether you’re wanting to go with something that’s fun or a touch of elegance, this flooring has you covered. There are 3 main types of epoxy flooring to choose from that can offer a lot of the same great benefits but differ in their looks and customization options. There are standard epoxy, metallic epoxy, and decorative flake epoxy floors to choose from and each has its own look to complete the decor and vibe of your home.

Standard Epoxy Flooring

Standard epoxy flooring has many different options for customization despite it being called “standard”. You can choose to have a solid color of your choosing to give a uniformed look to your space or even use this style to make different patterns such as tile. Standard epoxy is also great for doing logos to represent things like your favorite car or a favorite sports team. Standard epoxy is a strong and durable flooring that no matter the design will withstand the test of time!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring is a very unique flooring options that can give different unique looks with every installation. Due to the installation process of this specific flooring there can never be a duplicate so your flooring will truly be personal to you. Metallic epoxy has a showroom quality shine that gives a look of elegance to any room that it is installed in. This pearl like lustrous flooring can look similar to marble without the hefty price tag that can make your home look very modern. Another great look of metallic epoxy flooring is the way it can be used to mimic looks of nature. Rushing water and molten lava is just two of the many nature-like designs that this flooring can bring to your home. Maintenance is incredibly easy for this flooring choice and its shine is guaranteed to last you for years.

Decorative Flake Epoxy

Decorative flake epoxy is a great flooring to give a unique look to your home or even added safety to a workshop. There are many ways to customize this flooring from the color of the base coat epoxy to the color of the acrylic flakes. These flakes not only add a decorative flair to the flooring but can give added slip-reisstance because the texture they have. You can choose to have smaller flakes, big flakes, a mixture of both, or even add in some glitter for a beautiful affect. Even though this flooring has added texture because of its design, it is still as easy to maintain and keep clean as the other options of epoxy flooring.

Specialty Epoxy Floors

Some epoxy floors can be so stunning that they don’t fit into any other criteria but specialty floors. There are many amazing things you can do with epoxy flooring that can bring a very unique look to your home or business. Online you can see many of the new flooring crazes like the penny floor which is made achievable by epoxy flooring. This flooring can be used with some items such as pennies, bottle caps, records, and many more to give a unique flooring that is beautiful and yet represents you and your space. Even with these specialty floors you can expect the same lifespan and durability as the other types of epoxy flooring as well as an easy maintenance schedule to keep it looking its best.