What is concrete refinishing? It is a simple process to revamping and rehabilitating any of your indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. This includes driveways, backyard patios, pool decks, basements, and other concrete flooring systems. Perhaps the biggest benefit of concrete refinishing is that it allows you to avoid having to undergo a complete replacement. It is also a cost-effective approach to restoring the appearance of your indoor and outdoor flooring systems.

Why Refinish Your Concrete Surface?

First impressions are always important. People judge you by simply looking at your floor and noticing any obvious deficiencies. We tend to pay attention to appearances and we are often put off by any aged and dilapidated flooring structures. If you are a homeowner, then you understand the importance of curb appeal. When the concrete surfaces inside and outside your home are diminishing visually, then this can affect its resale value. There are a variety of methods in which you could repair and rehabilitate your flooring, but they can be costly and incredibly time-consuming. This is where concrete refinishing comes into play.

How Does Concrete Resurfacing Work?

Concrete refinishing is similar to concrete coatings and waterproofing. You have a concrete slab that is damaged and needs repairing. The more conventional repair method would require you to break up the concrete material and get rid of it all before installing a new flooring system. This is an extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive process that can also end up costing you a lot of money. With concrete refinishing, you are utilizing the same base, rather than replacing it. The material that you are using to refinish the concrete goes right on top of the existing structure.

What Preparations Do You Undergo?

Before undergoing the refinishing process, you will need to clean and fix any defects in your current concrete flooring system. We often recommend that you power wash the surface to remove any loose and flaky concrete as well as debris and various other items. Make sure that you are thoroughly cleaning the surface and removing any fragments of concrete. You need to do this because you want to ensure that the refinishing material properly adheres to the concrete. Also, when using soap to clean the floor, make sure you wash off all the soap before applying a new finish to your floor.

Once we complete all the preparations, we then apply the refinishing material to the concrete surface. This is typically done by pouring it over the area and spreading it out evenly which will establish a smooth and seamless surface once the material cures. The new surface, however, might be slippery when it becomes wet. You can avoid this hazard altogether by including an anti-slip additive in the epoxy mixture before refinishing your concrete floor. You can also enhance the appearance of your floor with different decorative options.

What Is Refinishing Made From?

Refinishing products typically involve using an epoxy floor coating which is made of thermoset plastics. The material is incredibly adhesive and it forms a strong, durable surface that has special protective properties. Epoxy flooring is used in a variety of applications and the material is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. After you apply the epoxy overlay, you will want to wait at least 24 hours for the material to cure. You may also need to wait longer to drive vehicles on top of the surface.

Should I Refinish My Concrete Flooring?

We usually recommend refinishing your concrete flooring system when there is only minor damage to the surface. With large holes and other severe structural defects, you will need to replace your existing system. We recommend that you consult with a concrete contractor so that they can evaluate your floor and propose several viable solutions moving forward. Refinishing won’t fix any major structural issues, so you may need to undergo extensive repairs or install a new flooring system. Attempting to resurface any major structural defects will immediately backfire and you will have to deal with the problem all over again.

The Benefits of Concrete Refinishing

There are many advantages to revamping your existing system. Concrete coatings and resurfacing are gaining a lot of favorability among homeowners and commercial operators for many good reasons. They offer you a viable solution for all of your flooring needs and here is why:

The Economical Choice

Refinishing is not only a much more efficient option when you compare it to other flooring solutions, but it will save you a ton of money. On average, you will spend three times less to refinish your floor than replace it. That is because you are not utilizing the same number of materials and resources to get the job done. No matter if it’s your garage, backyard patio, or pool deck, a new concrete coating will do a great deal of good. You are getting a lot more bang for your buck when you invest in concrete refinishing solutions.

An Easy Application

Refinishing products are self-leveling, which means that the application won’t require a labor-intensive process. All you have to do is roll on the material and spread it around the entire concrete surface. This will save you a lot of the time it takes to produce and pour concrete as well as having to rip out an old surface. Concrete refinishing will always provide you that upgraded appearance.

Incorporating More Designs

Wouldn’t you rather install a material that imitates marble or granite at a fraction of the price? With concrete refinishing, you can get creative with special colorants, textures, and other unique design elements. More and more consumers are demanding greater customization so that they can install a flooring system that expresses something about them personally. You should always try and aim for that desired ambiance.

Increased Value

Concrete refinishing will certainly add a lot more value to your home by providing it with an upgraded appearance. Perhaps you want to sell your home and you are trying to think of ways in which you can entice a potential buyer. Concrete refinishing will erase a lot of those visual imperfections in your flooring system which would otherwise deter someone from wanting to purchase your home. Also, you can easily recoup the money that you invest in refinishing your existing system once you complete the sale of your home.

Increased Lifespan

Epoxy and concrete coatings are going to extend the lifespan of your flooring system significantly. The overlay essentially seals off the concrete material underneath and it is incredibly resistant to heat, moisture and chemicals. The new coating will also hide tire marks and other visual imperfections. Concrete refinishing will easily extend the lifespan of your flooring system by up to 20 years if you are properly taking care of it.

Structural Resilience

The materials used to produce the epoxy overlay are incredibly strong and durable. An epoxy-based system will offer greater protection against abrasion and atmospheric changes (such as rapid freezing/thawing cycles). Your new system will remain in pristine condition while withstanding a lot of daily wear and tear that you would normally experience.

Can I Resurface My Floor By Myself?

Although you can acquire the necessary equipment and materials to undergo a DIY project, we often discourage people from doing this. Concrete refinishing is a delicate process that requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. You have to treat your concrete flooring ahead of time so that it can properly receive the epoxy coating. The entire process is a lot more intricate than you think. Without that professional touch, then you can end up doing more harm than good.

How Do You Evaluate a Concrete Slab?

The surface needs to viable to receive the epoxy coating, which means that you will need to inspect your current concrete flooring. You want to check and see if the material is cracked all the way through or if the damage is limited to a minor cosmetic issue. Sometimes it can be tricky to evaluate the extent of the damage given the thickness of the slab. One way to know if the damage is severe is to see if the height of the slab is offset by the adjoining sides of a crack. This will tell you that your slab in its current condition is not ideal for resurfacing. However, small cracks, chips, and pieces of aggregate indicate otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding concrete refinishing, feel free to give us a call! One of our contractors will tell you everything you need to know from prep-work to pricing to maintenance and repair services. Transform your concrete flooring today!