Epoxy flooring is a wonderful flooring option for any business whether it is a garage, hair salon, or a restaurant there’s a flooring choice to fit for you! Epoxy is a strong and durable flooring that is guaranteed to not just keep you on a budget but to last for decades as well making it a great business investment. There are so many benefits to this flooring both physically and aesthetically that make it the perfect flooring for any business.

Why Choose Epoxy For Your Business

Epoxy flooring is made to last for decades to come and is one of the strongest and most durable flooring options currently on the market. With epoxy flooring, you never have to concern yourself with buying specialty cleaners or having any added strain to your maintenance schedule because this flooring is incredibly easy to care for. Epoxy is stain resistant which helps to keep it cleaner and all you will need is a dust mop or broom to keep it looking great! There are many different styles to choose from with epoxy making it a flooring choice that is totally personalized to you and the look you’re going for.

Your Epoxy Flooring Choices

Standard Epoxy Flooring

Standard epoxy flooring is simple flooring but don’t let the name fool you as there are still many ways to personalize this flooring and make it unique. Standard epoxy is most known for solid striking colors with a high gloss finish, but can also be used with different designs such as geometric patterns and shapes. You can have a completely unique and abstract flooring design or something more uniform like squares to mimic the look of tile with more than double the strength. This flooring is incredibly durable and budget-friendly making it a perfect option for many different businesses.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring is popular in many different business settings whether it’s a car dealership, hair salon, or even just the lobby of your business. Metallic epoxy can give a wonderful first impression due to its beautiful pearl like luster and can be personalized by color or design. Traditional metallic epoxy cannot be duplicated because of the installation process and there are many colors to choose from to go with your business design. If you opt for a different design, metallic epoxy can also be used to mimic scenes of nature such as rushing water or molten lava for a truly unique look. Don’t let the high-end look of these floors fool you, while they are some of the most beautiful epoxy options on the market, they are still some of the strongest and most durable as well. These floors will never lose their shine and even heavy foot traffic won’t be a burden to these beauties. They are still guaranteed to last decades just as the standard epoxy floors.

Decorative Flake Epoxy

Decorative flake epoxy floors are both beautiful and functional making them perfect for many different businesses to use as their flooring choice. For beauty, many different medical practices can benefit from the look of these floors and they add additional slip resistance for safety as well. These floors would be perfect for a garage or a woodworking shop because of the safety feature of the addition slip resistance but also because of how strong they are as well as easily cared for. The texture of this flooring doesn’t make it any harder to clean and it still only requires a dust mop or broom to stay beautiful!